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Tow Truck Service Miami is your solution.  Our Tow Truck is used to move wrecked and also disable automobile vehicles. If you are facing a car breakdown situation, where you need assistance from a recovery vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our services are as broad as recovering a vehicle damaged in a car accident, malfunctioning on a highway or as simple a fault to start in your parking lot area. Anywhere you may have a car breakdown, we will go to assist you.  Besides standing as the best Towing Services in Miami, we back our reputation with outstanding personalized service.

Types of Towing we my provide:

  • Adjustable Boom. Used with a regular or telescopic winch to recover units not reacheable with a regular tow truck.
  • Spectacle Lift. Commonly know as wheel lift. Involves a hook and a chain to draw the front or rear end of the vehicle.
  • Self Loader. Equally also know as the quick pick or repo Truck. Very well known to be used to repossess vehicles or move illegally parked vehicles.
  • Flatbed. The carring area know as the bed, does not move, it stays flat. Used regardless of size of vehicle. This is an excellent for any size vehicle and largely used for heavy duty equipment and also large construction vehicles.
  • Lift Flatbed. Similar to the flatbed with the advantage that uses a wheel-lift frame to lift the vehicle vertically and load it on the bed.

Towing Always available at:


Especially, when its time for road assistance, above all, we perform any type of tow truck and road assistance services in Miami. Most importantly, We provide vehicle recovery to near by areas, such as Fontainebleau Fl, South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall.

Certainly, we are known as the Best providers of Towing services in the areas of Miami, Fontainblue, South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall.

For instance, If you ever encounter a Flat tire you can count on us because we provide Tire change services in  FOUNTAINEBLEAU FL, South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall. In other words, we are available whenever you may need us.

Furthermore, sometimes people run out of gas, well, we can take care of your gas needs and support you in all Miami Dade County area i.e Fontainblue, South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall.

Any Roadside Incident?

Earlier, you left the Car keys locked inside a car? This is a common issue.  As a result, you may expect to loose hours before a locksmith comes and help you. Please do not worry, we can help you solve that matter in the area of FOUNTAINEBLEAU , South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall.

On difficult occasions, due to a car crash, a Wrecker service is required. We cover Hauling in FONTAINEBLEAU, South Miami, Sunset, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall Lakes, Kendall, West Kendall.

Above all, Tow Truck Service Miami can also do many other services related to your car malfunctioning on the road.

Best Towing Specialist

In addition to be the best towing specialists in Miami, we guarantee you an exceptional service, even on your own worst working day. 

Because of many pleased clients, we have particularly a  reputation of being typically the most trustworthy towing organization available in Miami Dade County. In other words, if you need roadside assistance with your vehicle, we are here to serve you.

Please be aware that when we provide a Towing service to any vehicle, includes the coupling of our tow truck with your vehicle.  Obviously, our truck pulls or lift the disabled vehicle. With that event particularly in mind, we will clarify that there are several ways to tow a vehicle.

Some of the many methods to tow a vehicle

  1. Soft. Used for short distances. This is when you engage a rope or a chain and pull the damaged car to a safe place. Regularly from a midle of a road to the side of the road.
  2. Rigid. This is when a solid bar connects the towing and the towed unit. Not recommended rather than short distances.
  3. Lift Tow. This is the commonly performed by tow truck units.
  4. Transportation Lifts. This is when you used a Lift truck to move cars for several miles.

To sum up, while at service, We make sure we are providing the very best Tow Truck Service possible to Customers in the Miami Dade area.

In conclusion, TOW TRUCK SERVICE MIAMI adhere to all Florida Tows rules and regulations.

Are you certainly looking for the most dependable Tow Truck Company in Miami?

Look no more. We pride ourselves basically on providing exceptional service when you need street assistance.

Furthermore,  Most of the Services are performed by the owner himeself. Well, you know we cannot work 24 hours, so when Owner is at rest,  You could be assured a well-trained Tow Truck Driver is available, someone who knows well the service he performs as well as the Miami dade area.

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An Essential Guide to Finding a Reliable Tow Truck Service Miami.

No driver ever plans for their car to break down along the way in Miami. After all, no one wants to have a broken ball joint, flat tire, or experience a car crash. 

Whether you’re driving home from work, taking kids to school, or simply warming the engine up, having car breakdowns can be frustrating. No one likes going through the hustle of calling tow companies who always seem to take hours before relieving their woes. However, nothing feels much better when the tow truck Miami arrives at the scene immediately. 

Being stuck by the side of the road with your car is reason enough to call a Miami Wrecker Service. However, countless other reasons can push you to the point of calling a Miami Towing Service. But before you even try calling a tow truck company, consider reading this essential guide.

Determine What Your Insurance Covers.

Certainly, most auto insurance policies cover towing services when your car breaks down along the way. Most importantly, some auto insurers require the towing to be done by a dedicated Tow Truck Service for your claim to be paid. Above all, in case you do not follow this procedure, your claim may be denied, and you’ll have to deal with any towing costs involved. Furthermore, it’s crucial to document any transactions, including any receipts necessary for reimbursement of towing charges.

Determine the Towing Charges Involved

Meanwhile, your Choice of a towing service should not be based on cost alone. Many towing companies are indeed reputable, and you shouldn’t have to overpay. After all, you don’t want to look like a victim who’s been taken advantage of by a towing operator.

It’s crucial to pay attention to cost per mile as well as the hook-up fee.

Firstly. Hook-up fee – It covers the attachment cost of your damaged car to the company’s tow truck. Remember, some towing operators will offer you a lower hook-up price to have you hire them quick. Thus, never assume that the hook-up fee is the only charge you have to deal with.
Secondly. Cost per mile – Determine where you need your car to be towed – the nearest garage, your home, or to your best mechanic located miles away? Mileage can add up fast during towing, and you’ll have to consider this.

Moreover, while you can be offered cheap hook-up fees from some towing services, they’ll probably charge a higher cost per mile to cover the difference. In addition, it’s thus wise to take time and analyze both the hook-up fee and cost per mile before settling on any towing company. After that, ensure that the charges are in plain black and white with no hidden fees. Additionally, consider whether the towing rates remain standard or change during holidays, nights, or weekends. Getting stuck in hard to access places also means more work and consequently more charges.

Ensure to Check Online Reviews

The advent of the internet has transformed how we communicate, and you can find client reviews on virtually any business online. Whether it is getting advice from social media platforms or reviews on the company’s website, you can get the sentiments of other drivers concerning the towing service in the shortest time possible. You can also use services such as Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, or Yelp to find reliable reviews and ratings of the Tow Service in your location.
Remember, not all reviews will be the same, and you may also find oddly poor reviews too. Don’t be surprised to find the top towing companies with some negative reviews from clients. For this reason, always analyze both negative and positive reviews to make a wise decision. Since many towing companies are fighting for the top positions, some may use unethical methods to gain positive reviews. Thus, it’s wise to watch out for fake reviews online to avoid falling prey to unworthy towing operators.

Determine the Towing Truck Service Credentials.

Take time to analyze the towing service’s credentials, such as insurance, license, and employee certifications. Excellent towing service is usually bonded and fully insured to work in your location. Make sure you ask for proof of these documents and determine whether their insurance cover is fully functional.
Additionally, you may expect to find this information posted on the company’s website or blog. However, due to many internet frauds occurring so often, many of us have decided not to post vital company information on the web.
However, after reading our reviews I’m sure you’ll be convinced our company can be trusted in every possible way. Our dedicated Drivers carry along with them all company information. Feel free to inquire about these crucial documents which we will provide.


Compare Towing Costs

Different towing companies have different ways of displaying their towing costs online. Some usually provide fixed charge tariffs for various towing services or plans. In most cases, you’ll be required to contact them for a full breakdown of costs. Ensure to make a thorough comparison of prices and services from three or more reliable towing companies.
But most importantly, watch out for companies that are reluctant to discuss or present their towing prices as it implies some hidden charges. After finding the prices for several companies, try to weight them while listing the advantages and disadvantages of each company. 

Remember, as mentioned earlier, don’t make your decision based on price alone.

Hours of Operation and Response Time

When you experience a car accident, or your car breaks down, you always require a faster response and help when you contact a towing service.
A company that responds instantly to your situation is more reliable and can save you time and money.

Additionally, determine their availability – are they present 24/7 to offer towing services?

Ensure you take note of working hours when selecting a towing company since car breakdowns happen at any moment.
An excellent tow truck service should be available any time of the day and closer to attend to any emergency cases faster and efficiently.

Towing Advice Conclusion

In Conclusion, use this essential guide when looking for a reliable Tow Truck Service in Miami, Fl.  In short, We hope you have gained invaluable insights from this post to assist you in understanding what’s required when your car breaks down.

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